My Invective against: Glenn Beck vs. Libertarians
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Author:  Knot4Prophet [ Sat Apr 27, 2013 3:48 am ]
Post subject:  My Invective against: Glenn Beck vs. Libertarians

This post is an invective against Glenn Beck, copied over from where I first posted it on Facebook. Since Facebook is in the habit of deleting posts (like my earlier post there against Police Brutality recently), I figured I ought to post it here as well.


Glenn Beck vs. Libertarians

This post is about a video linked below of a diatribe against Libertarians by Glenn Beck, who is a prominent alternative news media icon.

Glenn Beck's Argument 1: He claims that libertarians don't allow for others' mistakes in their evolution of thought, in his repudiation of any need of his to atone for past mischaracterizations of Libertarians (even calling them terrorists!).

Glenn Beck's Mistake 1: He feels he doesn't have to account for his evolution of thought, from a position contrary to whatever ideal he now holds.

Libertarians (and likely people of most political bents) are open to accepting anyone who once held different beliefs. But for him to have the sheer unmitigated audacity to expect Libertarians to welcome him with open arms after historically referring to them as “terrorists” is quite a stretch.

Glenn Beck's Mistake 2: He's equating all "mistakes" in evolution of thought by not distinguishing the egregiousness of his own "mistakes" and attempting to write them off as we would any other innocuous flight of fancy we may have woken up from.

Glenn Beck's Argument 2: He claims that Libertarians are the most “fascist” in that they are least tolerant of others' political and social ideals.

To insist on Libertarianism is to insist on the very right to speak your opinion - just not to impose your ideals upon others. Because of this, any other less libertarian ideal is an ideal that itself is a movement towards Fascism, Communism or Totalitarianism. Any ideals forced onto others that aren't Libertarian ideals, i.e., maximizing personal liberty and freedom from government and oppression… are necessarily more totalitarian!

This is why the insistence upon concurrence with libertarian ideals by Libertarians - anything less is just more oppressive, and less tolerant of others' personal ideals. Only libertarianism maintains the ideals of true equality and freedom of expression and from oppression. It's an absolute necessity, to sanctify personal rights and freedoms and expression, notions the countries of the West were built upon, from ancient Greece to the United States.

We want to force you to tolerate others, yes, absolutely. If u cannot agree that everyone needs to tolerate everyone else’s opinions or lifestyles that hurt no-one else, then you must necessarily be, to some degree, a Fascist - whether you like it or not.

We need to stop the aggression of the (allegedly) strong against the (purportedly) weak, whether it's exhibited as police brutality, corporate fascism or any type of totalitarian oppressive government that doesn't promote as ideals equity and tolerance applied to all humanity.

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